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Our Services



Our Webinars offer proven and practical information that will transform you and your family.



Our coaching programs are designed with you in mind. We custom tailor each module with a focus on total restoration of the individual.



Our 'faith-based' counseling will quickly gain your trust and respect. Whether individually or as a family, we get to the heart of the matter using a spiritual approach with combined behavioral science. We use Scripture as our foundation, which leads to healing through God.

What Our Clients Say

Sherri B.


"If you are in need of godly counseling and someone who seeks wisdom from God (Jehovah), I highly recommend, Dr. Anita Greer Clay. She is well prepared and qualified for the task to give sound advice, kindness, compassion, motivation and sincere support. She is highly accomplished and equipped with the qualifications required to meet your needs!"

Lillie C.

Robert C.



"I admire Dr. Clay for her accomplishments as well as continuing her mission as an ambassador of individuals that search to understand the word of God. I look forward to Dr. Clay being one of our future leaders in the industry. May God continue to bless her."

"Dr. Clay has offered valuable insight to some issues I had been dealing with and she was able to give a different perspective to what I was facing at the season in my life. I can say with confidence that whatever areas of counseling she would be faced with that her clients' needs will be taken care of. Furthermore, given her background she has a sound foundation and always accomplishes what she puts her mind to."

Meet the Founder

Dr. Anita Clay

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Dr. Anita Clay is blessed and gifted with different mantles to bring God glory and touch the lives of His people. She is called and ordained as a prophetess and a prophetic psalmist and carries an anointing to teach, train and exhort God’s people.  As a prophet, Anita has a strong breaker’s anointing for deliverance and setting the captives free. She is committed to helping individuals and families walk in their new found freedom so that they can be restored and fulfill their destiny call and purpose in the earth. She is a worshipper, an intercessor and one who ushers in the glory of God through prophetic dance, as well as the medium of prophetic arts that’s upon her life. Prophetess Anita has taught praise and worship to youth groups in the past.

She’s a degreed counselor, holds a doctorate also and has worked in the mental health field for 8 years.  Dr. Clay is a licensed, ordained minister and chaplain. As a professional certified life coach, she utilizes her knowledge and training to mentor women in life skills, as well as to inspire, counsel and encourage others. God is using the trauma, abuse, brokenness and pain of her past to teach, train, mentor and bring healing to those who may have or may be experiencing what she has gone through.  Dr. Clay is graced and poised for such a time as this to be a prophetic voice to many women in need of their voices being heard and recognized for their worth. She has keen discernment, a sensitivity and strength to help unlock hidden treasures on the inside of broken women, castaways but are in the eyes of the Master valuable for His use.  Her desire is to impact generations with a healing and deliverance message for the furtherance of the Kingdom of God.

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